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7 reasons to join mashroo3i contest next year

We were first place winners in mashroo3i this year (2012). It was the contest's first year version. As previous winners, here are some motivational points for you to encourage you to participate next year. It's totally worth it ;)

Mashroo3i winners

1. It's more than just a contest

If you're gonna join mashroo3i because you want to win the contest, don't participate. Mashroo3i is more than just a contest. It's a whole new experience. It's something that you don't get exposed to everyday. We usually see successful companies Around us and wonder how they did it all. Well now you get to try "starting" one, except there are no risks involved. transforming your business idea something better. I'm not saying you're gonna start a company after this contest, but you'll certainly get a practical understanding of what it takes to start one, and how challenging it can be.

2. Free mentor-ship

If the judges find that your business idea is worth it, then you go into business planning phase.

You get to meet and get guidance from real business owners and strategy consultants in Bahrain. Companies pay these people a lot to give them consultation. And here you are, Getting it all for free. If I were you I'd make use of this opportunity well.

And not only that, you also get to attend a lecture every week, by a real entrepreneur giving you advice about your business plans and other related topics. Such a great opportunity.

3. Free stall

After your business plan gets done, you will be asked to present it in front of a deck of judges. If you do well enough, you will make to the business prototyping phase.

And this is really a great opportunity. You'll have a chance to showcase and market your business idea in a real life situation.

THEY ACTUALLY GIVE YOU MONEY TO PROTOTYPE YOUR BUSINESS IDEA. I mean, that's just brilliant. The experience is priceless. People pay 500 B.D. A day to rent a stall in mall, and here you are, getting to do it for free (I thought I already said that ?). If you were really planning on starting after the contest, you should really work on spreading the word about your brand during these three days. Get a good logo,  get some products if possible , or a prototype if you cant gwt a product ready.

For example, as graphics and web designers, it was easy for us to show them our Work. Some people bought chocolate samples, others brochures of their ideas. Some had dresses (I think they were fashion designers). Whatever it is, just get creative and show them how you have a unique product to offer!  make it presentable enough and go show them what you've got.

4. Get to know ambitious people

Your competitors are ambitious people just like you. Get to know them, most of them have great ideas. Share contacts, and stay in touch even after the contest . They might turn into potential clients later (or vice versa) . For example , as graphic and web designers, most of the startups would require our web and branding services!

5. know what entrepreneurship is about

So maybe you're not exactly sure if you want to start your company or no. Maybe you heard alot about entrepreneurship and decided you  want to give it a try. And this is the best place to start.

6. Eyes on the prize

So none of the above excited you, you just want the cash prize ? Sure be my guest. Although this contradicts with what I said previously, but if you still insist, I won't stop you.  But you need to work hard for it. Just letting you know.

7. Potential investors

Your mentors might turn into investors for your startup if you convince them that you are worth it. So why are you still here, visit and register now. (or once it starts)

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