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Why I quit my job

update we won first place in the contest!!!!!! We bought the trophies home with us!

I quit my job last week. You're probably wondering: did I even get a job in the first place? Actually yes.

I had a job as a JavaScript programmer for a telecom company, but they also had me do some PHP later on. Work was fun!!!!!! And you probably wonder again : why did I quit after a month? Why did I quit my job! Well several reasons. And that's exactly what this post is about

1- working for somebody

Working under someone might have its own virtues:

1- it's safer and less risky (and more boring)

2- nice environment, fixed working hours and not much stress (but stress is a good thing)

I liked what I did in the job, but that whole working for someone else thing didnt appeal to me . It just sounded ... Wrong.

Must graphics logo

Why can't I do all this work on my own? And earn 10 times as much. Why can't I be my own boss ? Why can't I take an adventurous journey and do something 10x as fun?

Of course the problem here was, I didn't know anything about enterpreunership.i wasn't going to make that decision unless I had 2 things:

1 - a partner to share some of the risk

2 - an opportunity, and a mentor to guide me through the start stage

And this leads us to the next heading.

2- An appoutunity

Mashroo3i logo

So I already had this super talented graphics designer friend. He's been planning his startup for a while now. It was on pause state anyway. But then Something happened that made us initiate the idea.

A competition held by tamkeen was announced. Its called: mashroo3i, which is Arabic for "my business" (actually it also translates to "My project" but oh well)

So here we are in front of this competition where you participate with your business idea and then have mentors guide you all the way until you have yourself a business prototype, and maybe win a cup and investments)

And so here I was, in front of a great opportunity. I could have resumed my job and the contest together, but I preferred to stay focused and quit the job.

One other reason why I quit the job is to depend more on the idea of having my business and hence, devote more for it. If I had another "safe" job, it wouldn't work out very well. But now I'm in this win-win situation, so losing is not a choice. It's been lots of fun for a week now, and it feels good. Oh and while we're at it please like this facebook fanpage for me!

So I finally took the leap step and I don't care what happens now. So , what are YOU waiting for?

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