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Vista Web browser connectivity problem

A couple of days ago, my dad's laptop ran into a browser connectivity problem. Well it turned out being a rather common problem in windows vista -- as I later came to know. The problem simply stated is: although the machine is connected to the Internet, browsers and some other applications are unable to display pages and content. I know it's connected because when I try to ping websites, the ping succeeds! Rather frustrating! And it's funny because the application is already added as an exception in windows firewall.

The solution that worked - Removing Norton

So we have a blocked outgoing port, as it seems. Well, after some googling around, I found a long thread of people suffering from the same issue. Lots of solutions have been posted, but this is the one that worked for me. It seems like norton antivirus was blocking the port.... You might try it first, and of it doesn't work, go to the thread and try out the other workouts. Follow this link, download Norton remover, and run it on the vista computer to remove Norton.

The solutions that didn't work

There are other solutions posted on that thread. If removing Norton doesn't work, you might as well try these:
  • Reset windows tcpip winsock
  • Uninstall update KB963027
  • Uninstall the following updates: KB952004, KB956572 ,KB959426, KB960803, KB963027, KB905866. (see above link)
  • Uninstall ZoneAlarm (free edition) If you have it installed
  • Add a firewall exception to your browser (if you don't already have one), or turn off your firewall just to test.
I hope this post helped with this frustrating issue. Wish you all the best. Cheers

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