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Revolution vs evolution

This is a non-code related article, but it's just something that hit my mind randomly, so I decided to share it. So I started wondering what the difference between 'revolution' and 'evolution' is. Although Google has always been my trusty friend, it betrayed me on this
one.So I decided to seek the expertise of a friend of mine who is majoring in English literature (I hope that's even related). And so I asked Sahresh Mir the difference between revolution and evolution, to which she replied:

Major difference, I'd say as evolution is the formation, growth and development of something. For instance, how a plant evolves into a tree etc. Some say human beings were evolved and were monkeys before.

Revolution is more concerned with societal and political changes and is used in such context. Replacement and overthrowing of government or society's structure.

Interesting, so we got a hint right here. We may understand the difference by viewing the contexts in which they are usually used. Revolution is used in contexts like overthrowing governments and political changes. And evolution? Something like Darwin's theory of evolution. Hmm ... so how do we conclude the difference? Well according to my humble thoughts, they're both concerened with change, but the difference is in the pace and the expectedness of this change. I think a revolution is when change happens, but is both sudden and unexpected, while evolution is when the change is gradual and more or less expected. So I conveyed this to her as follows:

They both are kind of related because they're concerned with change (Think "the informatory revolution", or the IT revolution). But yeah i think the difference is clear now. Evolution is more like a gradual change, while a revolution is more like something sudden, and unexpected.

Wouldn't you agree?

To which she replied:

Yes, absolutely the gradual and sudden change I totally agree with. However, the IT revolution or the green revolution are new terms that strain on the change that it has brought in society that's why we can't say evolution even though some might use that term. It is more accurate to use revolution as it created a fever among the masses and changed quite a lot in a small amount of time.

So I think its pretty clear now, and I hope I'm hitting the hammer on this one.

If you have any comments about it, comment bellow. Cheers.

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