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quTIP internship

Just a little update on what I've done during the summer of 2011. So I had to do this junior training internship thing, where you have to work at a company for 45 days, doing anything technical. I got an offer in Bahrain to work at a company called Sico that sells stocks and something like that ( I don't exactly know what they do). So anyway, after an initial interview with Sico, I discovered that my job was to repair a couple of down PCs that required maintenance. That was unacceptable ofcourse. So I sought an internship elsewhere.

Fortunately, my brother (If you're reading this bro, thanks for everything) knew a person who owns a software company in Egypt. So I got a better internship chance, and so I went.

The company was quTIP. It's a company that is based in Egypt and it offers various products and business mobile solutions to its clients (I don't know much about their products either).Let's focus more on the training constituents. My main task during the training was to upgrade the current quTIP website using a CMS based package. We decided to use Joomla! for this purpose. It was really fruitful, since I went from knowing nothing about Joomla! to being a Joomla! guru (well, kind of).

unfortunately though, I was unable to complete the website, so they didn't deploy it yet. I'm not sure when it's going to be deployed either.

I deployed this blog during my training period, which just adds to the fun of it all.

The folks at quTIP are great people, and very cooperative. All in all it was a great experience working there, and I'm probably going to post tutorials from what I learned there! (I already posted some). It was amazing because they even threw me a party before I left. I love quTIP.

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